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[ 13.08.2004 ] [ 5th Dimension Forum ]

Before the reluanch of our new site, please have a look of our new forum!


5th Dimension is proud to present of "OUT OF REACH:LONDON" - a UK sneaker exhibition that we've organized for the 11th-13th of June 2004.

For detailed information on the exhibition please visit:

[ 05.26.2004 ] [ Todd Jordan Dunk High SB - FT Samples ]

These FT Sample's may look slightly familiar. They are the look-see versions of Todd Jordan's Dunk High SB's - known to heads worldwide as the "Hulk" for their resemblance to the green Marvel super hero.

Unlike the mostly suede/nubuck versions that were ultimately released, these samples feature a soft, wrinkled leather reminiscent of the Hulk's tensile skin.

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[ 05.05.2004 ] [ Slamminkicks, London ]

First spotted on the web site of UK giants Crooked Tongues, these Geoff McFetridge Champion Vandals are customized "prototypes" courtesy of Estevez.The shoes have been retrofitted with a number of well thought out details that both enhance and change the appeal of the originals while bringing a breath of fresh air to the "custom game."

First, the Nike tag on the tongue of these Vandals was removed and replaced with the orange swooshed tags of Nike's old school Windrunners. The original tongue tags where then reapplied to the front of the Vandal's trademark velcro straps. Take note of how the the left shoe strap features a green Nike Logo on gray, while the right strap features a reversed gray logo.

Another Estevez alteration that can be seen on the Vandals' toe box and ankle panels is the silkscreen of an intricate windmill pattern made up of micro Nike swooshes. This pattern will vary slightly on each of the 18 pairs set to release.

The Estevez X McFetridge Vandals will be sold exclusively at Slammin Kicks, which is perhaps London's most exciting new shoe retailer. Slammin Kicks is located at 37 Beak Street in London.

For more info check

or hit up owner Madgi and crew via email at

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Also take a look of the store inside

[ Slammin Kicks ]

[ 27.04.2004 ] [ JB Classics ]

In 2002 Jason Bass launched an independent line of footwear called JB Classics. The unique designs, bold color schemes and premium quality of JB quickly earned the San Francisco brand the respect of sneaker heads around the globe. Like many of his contemporaries, Jason Bass is a multi-dimensional creator - one who divides his time between a number of passions and hustles. The self-described artist/graphic designer/footwear producer/creative thinker/country clubber is also a partner in the emerging media collective Triplewide. Recently 5th Dimension caught up with JB to talk about his footwear label and the latest projects being crafted in his Country Club Studio

[ The Interview in English ]
[ The Interview in Japanese ]
[ The Interview in Chinese ]

[ 27.04.2004 ] [ Nike X Medicom Toy Be@rbrick Dunk Low Pro SB ]

Medicom Toy Corporation is a large Japanese toy company that was established in 1996. The company is famous for their 2.5-3 inch tall "Lego-type" figures called Kubricks. A more recent evolution of the Kubrick figures is the popular Be@rbricks, which sport large potbellies and a bear shaped heads.

Be@rbricks come in discreetly packaged, sealed boxes, so the identity of each figure is a mystery to the consumer. Some of the more rare Be@rbricks come with a very low assortment rate - meaning only 1 may be found out of 192 boxes.

Although this Dunk SB is not the first collaboration between Nike and Mediacom Toy, it's surely one of the more interesting efforts. Similarities between the worlds of rare Be@rbrick figures and Nike Dunk SB's abound. Limited production numbers, savvy collectors, sky-high eBay prices, artist collaborations and release date hysteria are shared traits of both collectables. This Japanese exclusive Be@rbrick SB symbolizes a fusion between the two.


The first collaboration between Nike and Mediacom occurred in 2002. For the 20th Anniversary of Nike’s Air Force 1, Japan's AD21 shop collaborated with Medicom Toy to produce 500 "Air Force 1 Be@rbricks" as a gift to the shop's customers. In the end of the 2002, a "secret" Air Force 1 Be@rbrick was placed in the Be@rbrick Series 5 run. This Be@rbrick had a low 1/192 assortment rate. Finally in 2003, Medicom Toy produced 2 Air Force 1 Be@rbrick sets and at 2004's White Dunk Tokyo Show, a crystalline Nike Kubrick was given out to guests.

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[ 27.04.2004 ] [ Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons Nike Vandal ]

Comme des Garçons, arguably Japan's best-loved fashion house was launched by designer Rei Kawakubo in 1969. The label's use of torn and tangled fabrics, drab colors and unbalanced decorative details (dubbed 'Hiroshima chic') gained ground in the early 1980s and quickly left an indelible impression on the fashion world.

In 1993, Junya Watanabe, Kawakubo's protégé and former apprentice introduced Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons with the support of his mentor. Although designing under his own name, he is still employed by Comme des Garçons, who funds and manufactures his critically acclaimed collections.

These Junya Watanabe Nike Vandals were designed as a hyper-strike for the Comme des Garçons "Happy Army Store" - a temporary Aoyama (Tokyo) boutique that sells Junya Watanabe designed military wear. Only 100 pairs were produced. Other Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons X Nike collaborations include a variety of both men's and women's Waffle Racers and Nike Air Super Flys.

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[ 30.03.2004 ] [ 2004 NBA All Star Air Force 1 ]

These Air Force Ones are special make-ups that Nike created for the 2004 NBA All Star Game. They were only given to Nike's NBA athletes and Nike employees who were in Los Angeles for the game. The number of existing pairs is unconfirmed, yet extremely low.

Notice the heel panels of both shoes are embroidered with the years '72 and '83. These are past seasons where Los Angeles also hosted NBA All Star festivities. The red, white and blue is an obvious nod to the classic "American" colorway and the shoes, with their embroidered stars, are a perfect match for the NBA's East and West jerseys.

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[ 15.03.2004 ] [ Sneaker Pimp Exhibition ]

Sneaker Pimps - "an exhibition of up to 400 rare, limited edition, vintage, sample, artist collaborated and celebrity signed sneakers" just wrapped up its first visit to Hong Kong. Singapore, Osaka, Tokyo & Taiwan are next.

Here are some photos from opening night in Hong Kong...

[ Opening Night Photos ]

[ 15.03.2004 ] [ Distressed Dunk Low SB and Distressed High SB ]

Both of these Distressed Dunk SB’s are "look-see" samples from Nike's FT factory. The "distressed" leather that both pairs share is created by tumbling raw, full-grain leather materials with a substance called paraffin wax. This process creates natural variations and markings - giving the leather a rugged, well-worn feel. The subtle sheen of the leather is created when the material is ironed after tumbling.

Although it may be hard to tell from the photos, these Dunks are not reversed colorways of one another. In addition to the distressed leather on both pairs, the low features a purplish "Mahogany" nubuck while the Hi features nubuck in the familiar "Paul Brown" color.

We have few production details on these SB's. We do know that the season they were originally produced for was Fall of 2003. We haven't seen them drop yet. It's a good bet they never will.

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In many cultures bees are signs of great luck, nobility, harmony and bliss. This Classic Green/Varsity Yellow FT sample features an all suede/nubuck upper and a carefully embroidered NIKE AIR bee on the outer heel panels. Reportedly the first "look-see" sample in the "Lucky" dunk series, the "Lucky Bee" SB is rumored to be the only pair of its kind in existence.

The "Lucky Bee" and its descendants, the "Lucky Horseshoe" and the "Lucky #7" (seen below) are some of our favorite Dunk SB's. They show the evolution of NIKE's attempt to use color and symbolism to convey a particular feel - a quality that brings meaning and life to their shoes.

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[12.03.2004 ] [ Lucky (Heaven) Dunk High Pro SB ]

This SB was first revealed to the public at the White Dunk Tokyo Show. The pair, which is scheduled to release in June 2004, features the number '7' embroidered on the front outside panels. Many thought the metallic gold leather and green #7 were thematic touches meant to represent "Heaven"

In actuality, this pair is the 3rd and final version of the so-called "Lucky" series. The two "Lucky" samples that preceded this "set-for-release" version are extremely rare and unseen by most. Stay tuned... We just might know where to find them.

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[ 26.02.2004 ] [ Supreme Dunk Low Pro SB - FT Sample ]

Color: White/Red/Gold
Production Date: January 30th, 2003

About a month ago, we showcased photos of the orange Supreme Dunk Low SB sample from Nike's Fang Tang factory. Here's a new look at another pair of ultra-rare Supreme FT "look-sees". To have your own "look-see" click the "See More" link below...

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[ 24.02.2004 ] [ Futura 2000 - For Love Or Money ]

At 5th Dimension, we often try to analyze what makes a particular pair of shoes special. Most of the time we consider the limited factor, but we also choose to focus on the creative process that goes into producing the kicks we admire. Instead of a purely "news" oriented approach with photos and release dates, we try to capture the essence of certain shoes by uncovering the stories/myths/facts behind their creation. When we saw Futura's FLOM Dunk High's, no amount of speculation could answer the questions that came to our minds. So we thought it'd be best to go straight to the source to find out what's behind these Dunks creation and more importantly, what's behind the mind of their creator. What follows is a word for word interview between 5th Dimension and Futura 2000...

[ The Interview in English ]

[ The Interview in Japanese ]

[ 18.02.2004 ] [ Ghost Dunk High Pro SB ]

Color: Deep Olive/Ghost

This Dunk High SB saw its first retail release in Hong Kong on February 9th, 2004. The retail price was $899 HKD, roughly $117 USD. What makes this pair unique is the fact that it's the first Dunk High SB (aside from the Supremes) that does not feature a 100% suede textured material on the upper.

Unlike like the Wheat, Hulk, Iron and Ice Green/Black-Sea Crystal High's. This pair features supple, olive green colored leather with "ghost" colored white suede used sparingly on the toe box and swoosh. In some circles, this SB is known as the "Futura High" due to its similarity in both color and materials used to Nike's Futura Dunk Low Pro SB .

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[14.02.2004 ] [ California Dunk Low SB ]

Photos of this California Dunk Low SB were first spotted online at Freshnessmag in their exclusive coverage of Nike's White Dunk Tokyo event.

Like the Paris, Tokyo, London and NYC SB's, this pair symbolizes a geographical location. However, instead of highlighting a particular city, Nike Skateboarding created these SB's as a tribute to the State of California.

After all, it was in Southern California's urban slums of Venice and Santa Monica (known together as "Dogtown"), where modern skate culture was born. In the early 1970s Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Jim Muir, Shogo Kubo and the rest of the Zephyr skate team (the Z-Boys ) took skating from its roots as an extension of surfing and added a previously unseen mix of style, skill and attitude that revolutionized the dying sport and created a world wide cultural phenomenon. A tribute to the State is only right... just ask yourselves what SB's would be without California. Would they even exist?

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[ 28.01.2004 ] [ Vibe Air Force 1 ]

VIBE Magazine, the self proclaimed "voice and soul of urban music and culture" is the brainchild of music impresario, Quincy Jones. Launched in 1993 in collaboration with Time Warner, the magazine set out to "cover the traditionally black music genres that Rolling Stone magazine often overlooked."

This past year VIBE celebrated its 10th anniversary by presenting the VIBE AWARDS: BEATS, STYLE, FLAVOR, a two-hour special event celebrating innovation, cutting-edge presentation and genre-expanding work in urban music.

At the awards show, which was broadcast through out the USA on Nov. 21, a reported 21 pairs of this special edition Air Force 1 were given to award winners, performers, presenters and staff. The multicolor theme was chosen to commemorate VIBE's first issue, which featured the rapper Treach of Naughty by Nature on the cover. The Treach cover is featured on one side of the AF1's hang tag, while the Tupac/Notorious B.I.G. cover of the 10 Year Anniversary issue appears on the flip.

This pair was given to presenter Snoop Dogg. Artist of the Year winner 50 Cent, Double honorees Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z, and Five-time nominee Pharrell Williams were part of the festivities. OutKast, Chingy, Ludacris, Mary J. Blige, Eve, Lil Jon and R. Kelly performed. We wonder who's holding the other 20 pairs?

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[ 28.01.2004 ] [ London Dunk Low Pro SB ]

Photos of this London Dunk SB were first spotted on the web site of Paris' Opium Crew. Like the Paris, Tokyo, and NYC SB's, this pair represents one of the globe's largest metropolises - a dynamic city whose sneaker culture is well respected on the world stage.

Embroidered on the heel panel of this SB is The River Thames, a 200-mile waterway so central to and intertwined with the England's past that it has been described as "Liquid History."

By now, most of us are familiar with thematic ideas behind this SB, yet very little is known about its production details. Rumors originally suggested that Nike created the pair for a forthcoming White Dunk London exhibition, however trusty sources have confirmed that plans for the event were recently scrapped.

[ See More ]

[ 23.01.2004 ] [ Dunk Low Laser "Surf" by Chris Lundy ]

[ Special Version ]

This pair of "Surf" dunk lows may look familiar, however it's one of only 10 in the entire world. During the launch of the Nike's first Laser Project Series, Nike took the six laser styles (2 Dunks, 2 Air Force 1's and 2 Cortez) and produced 10 pairs of each for distribution to V.I.P.'s and friends of the company.

The laser etchings on these "special version" seem slightly more vivid than those on other pairs, and the Ukiyo-e design has an even greater visual impact. Some other differences between these 1 of 10 "Surf" dunks and the wider "Surf" release are the bone color, the butter soft texture of the leather and the light brown shade of the laces and interior. Laser etched pig skin covers this pair's box - creating a stunning package that unites Nikes thirst for innovative technology with its eye for cutting edge design.

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[ 23.01.2004 ] [ Buck Dunk Low Pro SB - FT Sample ]

Nike was shaped by the personality and lifestyle of the man who built it: Nike CEO Phillip Hampson Knight. Early on in Knight's childhood, for reasons unknown, he was given the nickname Buck. Like his father before him, Buck Knight attended the University of Oregon in Eugene and joined the "The Men of Oregon" track team under coach and Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman. The colorway of this SB is a tribute to the University of Oregon and represents one of the schools most successful graduates ever.

Pre-release samples of this SB were spotted going for upwards of $1000 USD. The high price was most likely due to the rampant internet rumors that the BUCK stitching on the back of the Dunk would be replaced by a more traditional Nike stitch. However, when the BUCK was first released in Hong Kong on December 12th, 2003 Knight's nickname remained - available for the much lower retail price of $799 HKD, roughly $103 USD. Soon after in mid January 2004 the SB was released stateside in skate shops around the country.

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[ 20.01.2004 ] [ Supreme Dunk Low Pro SB - FT Sample ]

Color: Orange/Gold
Production Date: January 30th, 2003

Do you remember everyone's initial impression of the Supreme Dunk High SB's that dropped last October? Chat rooms and message boards were filled with Nike heads wondering if Supreme, one of the world's most renowned street/skate brands and Nike were playing with our minds; conducting an experiment to see how much hype could surround a pair of funny looking shoes covered in tiny gold stars. Many claimed the kicks were ridiculous that they'd never spend their hard earned dough to rock them on the street. Several months later we mysteriously changed our minds, creating a frenzy that led kids to camp out days before the release at Supreme's shops in NYC, Tokyo and Osaka.

These are the 1 of 1 "look-see" samples that Nike produced at their FT factory and provided Supreme with during the planning stages of that "experiment." What stands out immediately of course, is the bold gold Nike logo emblazoned on the side panels of these Dunks. The placement of the logo is pure genius - a blatant sign that Nike not only knows, but understands exactly who the new breed of trend conscious consumers are: Young status-seekers who value the name, the brand, the image; and live by the mantra "material possessions above all else."

Eventually Supreme replaced the Nike logo with the infamous stars and changed the low cut sample to a high top. In most cases, Nike would request that the sample be destroyed after the referential use. Why not this sample? Wouldn't the greatest trick be to convince us that the "experiment" never existed? Or maybe they exist for one reason: to let us know that it never mattered what we had to say about the funny looking Supreme High's. What really matters is what THEY say about US...

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[ 20.01.2004 ][ Undefeated Dunk High 2nd - Ballistic ]

Battles for supremacy amongst sneaker boutiques and a fierce rivalry between collectors and resellers have changed the game's terrain into a virtual war zone where only the strong survive. Only one shop will remain unscathed...

With the creation of Undefeated's Ballistic Dunk High, the Los Angeles sneaker giant proclaimed its name and designed one of the most imaginative Nike collaborations in recent memory. How so? By taking notions of the brand's international power and impenetrable status and symbolically applying them to the kicks in the form of ballistic nylon. The flexible material, seen on the toe box and side panels, is the same fabric used to construct combat grade body armor and bulletproof vests. Equally powerful is Undefeated's logo, which is woven into the olive buckskin heel-panel like a soldiers' badge of honor. The critics say that Dunks are dead. Try killing these.

[ See More ]

[ 20.01.2004 ] [ Threezero Dunk High Premium ]

Threezero is a famous Hong Kong toy brand that mainly designs and produces soft vinyl and 12"; figures. In celebration of Threezero's exhibition at Hong Kong's Milk Gallery in April 2003, Nike collaborated with Threezero to produce 10 promotional pairs of this Threezero Dunk High Premium. The Dunk High and some of Threezero's new figures were displayed in the gallery. Unfortunately, none of the Dunk High's made there way into the hands of the general public.

The all black Threezero Dunk High Premiums are FT samples and come with the white Threezero logo, created by famous Hong Kong designer Michael Lau, on the rear side panels. The size breakdown of the ten pairs is as follows: US6, US9 x 3, US10 x 3 and US11 x 3. Most, if not all of the pairs are in the possession of head of Threezero founder Wong Kim Fung and his friends, including Hong Kong singer Patrick Tang.

[ See More ]

For additional pictures of the exhibition, you can check the link below

[ Threezero Exhibition @ Milk Gallery ]

[ 20.01.2004 ] [ Roswell Rayguns Dunk Low Pro SB ]

During the 2002 NBA playoffs, Nike debuted a TV commercial campaign that sent Vince Carter aka Dr. Funk, Jermaine O'Neal, Paul Pierce, Baron Davis and Jerry Stackhouse back in time to play for a fictional ABA team called the Roswell Rayguns. The commercials featured a funky appearance from legendary Parliament musician and "70s" funk icon Bootsy Collins. "It's 1975 and we're just keeping the funk alive!" Bootsy Collins sang as the Rayguns took on the NBA teams of yesteryear.

Legend has it that Methamphibian custom painted a pair of Rayguns Air Force 1's based on the Roswell Rayguns Jersey to promote the launch of Nike Baskteball site. Pictures made their way onto Nike Talk and then, out of nowhere the Roswell Rayguns dunk appeared at the end of 2002 at San Diego's ASR Trade Show and online at Fixins. Anticipation for these mysteriously funky dunks was stalled when word got out that these kicks would remain as FT samples. At the moment, there are 4 pairs or less in existence - making the Roswell Rayguns one of the rarest SB Dunks in the world.

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[ 20.01.2004 ] [ Roswell Rayguns Air Force 1 ]

To promote the launch of Nike Basketball site in 2002, Methamphibian custom painted the Air Force 1 Low LE White/Black to resemble the jerseys of Nike's Roswell Rayguns - Nike's fictional ABA basketball team comprised of Vince Carter, Jermaine O'Neal, Paul Pierce, Baron Davis and Jerry Stackhouse. Rumor has it that nearly 500 pairs were produced. This creation was so well received that it eventually spawned an official Nike FT Sample - the Roswell Rayguns dunk, as seen above.

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